March Garden Update

Seed Packets

It was an unusually warm and dry February here in the Midwest. The plants have started to wake up from their winter slumber and I’ve started to plan what I’m going to grow this year. I’ve decided to focus mostly on the vegetables that I eat, with a few new ones that I’ve never grown before just for fun. While I don’t have the layouts quite figured out yet here’s what I’m hoping to grow this year.

Community Garden Plot:
Green Beans
Tiger Eye Beans

Currant Tomato (just one this year)
Lemon balm
Thai Red Roselle Hibiscus*

* denotes plants I’ve never grown before

I’m still waiting on my order of ginger to ship, and I still need to find a source of lemongrass, but otherwise I have all the seeds/plants. My spring break is next week so one of the things I want to get done during it is get my seeds started. We also have a planting day at the community garden next Saturday so I’ll find out which plot I’ve moved to. Gardening season is SO close!

What are you growing in your garden this year?


Starting Spring

This past week was spring break for me, and as usual, I didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped (like writing new posts for example). I’m not really sure what happened to a few of the days, but hey, spring break is supposed to be a break right?

Despite being a bit of a space cadet this past week, I did manage to get my first batch of seeds started.

Green Seedlings in a seed starting tray

This flat includes two types of marigolds (thought I’m thinking one of the types might not be viable since none of the seeds have sprouted yet), two types of tomato, one type of pepper, and some alpine strawberry seeds.

The next batch, which I plan on starting next weekend will include beans, squash, and most likely some more marigolds (never can have too many of those). I started some spinach seeds in my deck boxes this week as well, but they haven’t come up yet, so no pictures of those.

What seeds are you starting this year?

Getting Started

** Warning  – This is going to be a photo heavy post. Sorry I’m not sorry. **

Seed Starting tray under grow light

With the arrival of my seeds last week, I was finally able to get them started for the growing season. In my head starting seeds is a Springtime activity, but things seem to be backwards here in Florida.


Before I got started I laid everything out on my coffee table and planned where and how many of each type of seeds I wanted to start. I then set to making up the soilless starting mixture. This was probably the hardest part for me, because I only wanted to use half of the block. I tried cutting the block with a serrated knife, but that didn’t work well so I resorted to flaking chunks off into my bucket. Eventually I got enough that I could add water and make up the soil.

Struggling with the block.

Seed starting tray with soil
All ready for seeds.

Then came the putting the soil in the seed starting cells. This was a bit messy because only because I was working with my hands, a plastic spoon, and a children’s shovel. I did eventually get everything filled without getting too much dirt on my carpet and moved on to the best part: Planting!

Marigold seeds in the soil

As I planted I made sure to write down where each seed went so not to lose track later. The marigolds were planted ¼” deep and everything else was ½” deep. After the planting was done, I filled the water reservoir, popped on the greenhouse cover and put it under my grow light. I ended up running out of room in the tray and starting my lemon balm seeds in an antique planter instead.

Lemon Balm Planter

Overall I planted

Marigolds – 12 cells (2 seeds in each)
Big Rainbow heirloom tomato – 3 cells (2 seeds in each)
Tiny tomato – 3 cells (3 seeds in each)
Black Cherry tomato – 2 cells (2 seeds in each)
Red Zebra heirloom tomato – 2 cells (2 seeds in each)
Caribbean Red Habanero pepper – 2 cells (2 seeds in each)
Lemon Balm – 1 planter

Tray Layout
Tray Layout

Most of these plants are destined for my boyfriend’s vegetable garden (which he’s allowing me to plant stuff in) and the community garden. Hope they grow.

The Seeds have Arrived

Lemon balm, Habanero, Alpine Strawberry, and Tiny Tomato
Lemon balm, Habanero, Alpine Strawberry, and Tiny Tomato

They came in the mail yesterday! I’m really excited. The White Soul alpine strawberries, Carribean Red habaneros, and lemon balm all came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and the tiny tomato seeds came from the wonderful BloominHappy1 on Etsy. She was super nice, answered all my questions about the seeds, and gave me permission to use her photo of the tomatoes for this post(since I don’t have my own yet). Thank you BloominHappy1! The tomatoes are supposed to look like this:

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: BloominHappy1

So tiny!

Now that all my seeds are here, I’m going to start them in the Fast Start seedstarter that came with my grow lamp within the next week. The plan is for them to be ready to plant in the community garden once the semester starts. I want to start Black Cherry tomato, Big Rainbow tomato, and marigold seeds in addition to the ones that just arrived, but I have yet to figure out just how many of each I wanted to start. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Did I tell you that I’m really excited!

Seeds 2

In other news from my apartment garden, the Key Lime tree has a third leaf and is almost ready to be repotted, one of the small African violets decided to take a dive off of the window sill (second time this has happened; no more putting plants on the sill, only the ledge) and got soil everywhere and the Sweet basil cuttings are sprouting roots like crazy.

Life is green and good.