Want to help support my experiments and adventures? Below are links to my Etsy shops and other creative endeavors.

Etsy Shop: The Red Leather Studio – Handcrafted Traveler’s Notebook Covers 

Make today a Red Leather Day! Our traveler’s notebook covers are made with four interior elastic straps offer the flexibility to create a notebook/ planner/ journal/ art pad that can adapt and change as you need it to. The leather of the cover provides a firm, yet flexible writing surface that can go anywhere you go, and strong closure elastic keeps everything together. All our covers are handcrafted from start to finish, in the USA, resulting in a one-of-a-kind cover that will last a lifetime.

I also have a separate website and blog for the shop at and we’re on almost all social media platforms:

Instagram @redleatherday#redleatherday
Twitter @redleatherday
Pinterest @redleatherday
Facebook: The Red Leather Studio
Tumblr: The Red Leather Studio

I was also a guest on Episode 14 of the BYOB Pen Club, talking about The Red Leather Studio. If you’d like to give the episode a listen, find BYOB Pen Club here, or on your podcast player of choice.

Etsy Shop: Experiment No. 2 – Fibercraft for the home and heart.

In this Etsy shop you’ll find a variety of knit, woven, and crocheted shawls, baby blankets, towels, and other items. Majority of the items have been made with easy-care yarn so you can have hand-made without the high-maintenance. You can follow me on Instagram @expnumber2 for behind the scenes peaks at what I’m working on.

I have an interview in the third volume of Plants are Magic Magazine about growing cotton and making it into cloth. Find the magazine here!

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