White and purple African violet in bloom.

 “Plants in my Apartment” series

As the name suggests, it is about plants I grew in my college apartment.  In these posts you can expect to find general background information as well as growing information for the plants listed, basically a profile of the plant. I have tried to be as thorough as possible while still keeping the information simple and useful. I am also not an expert on any of these plants; I’m just collecting information about them. Before you dive in, I suggest you read the introduction, but it is not necessary by any means.

African violet
Sweet basil
Christmas (Holiday) cactus
Grafted cactus
Little Finger Carrot
Lemon Balm
Key Lime
White Soul Alpine strawberry
Black Cherry tomato

“Plants in my Apartment” style posts

Moving out of an apartment didn’t mean that I stopped being curious about the plants in my garden, only that I had many more options available. These posts are done in the style of the Plants in my Apartment series but may be about plants that aren’t exactly apartment friendly.

Garden Mums (Chrysanthemum morifolium)
Grosso Lavender (Lavandula × intermedia)
Knock Out® Roses (this is one of a 4 post series about roses)

Herb of the Month 2016

In which I decided to combine my love of gardening with my interest in herbalism.

January: Bay Laurel  Part 1  Part 2
February: Sweet Basil  Part 1  Part 2
March: Lavender
April: Oregano
May: Thyme
June: Fennel
July: Licorice
August: Calendula
September: Sage
October: Ginger
November: Cinnamon
December: Rosemary


9 thoughts on “Plants

  1. Wow, I can learn a lot about plants from you! 🙂 I love household plants, but do not have the diverse experience you seem to have with them! I am just now branching out beyond the trusty ivy hanging plant to a peace lily and my orchid, I am not quite sure it will bloom again in the spring.


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