Lime Tree Blossoms and a Brief Update

Hello, it’s been a while. I’m still here, still making things (and selling them on Etsy here and here), still growing plants, and still learning. I’m also still sick and looking for treatments that help (so far not much luck). I do hope to start writing a bit more or at least sharing my projects sometime soon, and the format of this blog will likely change but I’m not sure how yet.

Anyways, that’s not really what this post is about. This post is about my Key Lime tree. Remember it? I started it way back in 2013 (four years ago) and shared updates about its growth on a fairly regular basis. Well, it’s time for another update: there are flowers! My key lime tree is flowering!


I’ve been pretending to be a bee and pollenating the flowers with a paint brush and doing a bit of reading to see what I need to do to help the tree set (and keep) the fruit, so we’ll see what happens!





Etsy Instagram

Well, I did it. I created an Instagram account for my Etsy shop. Right now I’m working on figuring out my way around the platform and how to do the whole hashtagging thing. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll start posting more pictures of products and the process behind making them. If you have Instagram you can find me here (my username is expnumber2). I’ll try to spam your feed with shop stuff. If  you only want to see stuff that has to do with the shop then check out the #experimentno2etsy hashtag.

One Month In

It has now been over a month since I opened my shop on Etsy. I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but from what I’ve read, that seems to be pretty normal. I’ve actually been doing A LOT of reading lately, both on blogs (like Handmadeology and Everything Etsy) and on the Etsy website itself (Seller’s Handbook, Team Discussions). All the information is a bit overwhelming but I’m really glad it’s out there and available.

Handwoven red and black scarf
A sneak peek at the new listing I’m working on.

Probably one of the most useful things I’ve done this month is join teams on Etsy. I’m on the Etsy Success team, Etselry team (Ravelry’s Etsy Team), two SEO and Stats teams, and the local artisan team. So far people have been super helpful and most of the questions I’ve had have already been answered in the discussions. I also created a shop account for Pinterest (here if you want to check it out) as a social media/marketing experiment. I don’t have many followers yet but I think I’ve only had the account for two weeks. All of that, plus trying to get everything listed and some new things made, has meant a very busy first month.

As for month #2, I have 2 big goals. The first is to have over 50 items listed in my store (which will definitely take me longer than a month to do). The second is to learn about and improve the SEO of my listings. Both seem to be crucial to getting noticed and making sales. I’m also thinking of creating a shop Instagram account for marketing, but we’ll see. If I do, I will definitely let you guys know.

It’s Open

Experiment No. 2 - Etsy Shop

After over two years of work and multiple delays, I am excited (and a little terrified) to announce that my Etsy shop Experiment No. 2 is now open!

If you have a chance, please take a look around and let me know what you think. This is just the beginning and I hope to make many improvements over the next several months (like adding international shipping). Right now there are a handful of listings up and I’ll be adding more on a regular basis. With the shop now open, I’m looking forward to getting back to designing and creating, the parts I really enjoy.

Here’s to another experiment!

Finishing Touches

I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on my Etsy shop (are you tired of hearing that yet? It’ll be open soon, I promise) so I didn’t get around to writing a post for today. Instead, here’s a glimpse at what’ll be in the shop once it opens.

Bomb-omb - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Mario Bomb-omb
Gradient Shawl - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Gradient Shawl
Twister Hat - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Twister Hat
Farrow Rib Cowl - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Farrow Rib Cowl – Long
Bad Call Balls - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Bad Call Balls / Attention Getters
Shale Baby Blanket - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Shale Baby Blanket
Garter Stripe Baby Blanket - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Garter Stripe Baby Blanket
Basket Weave Baby Blanket - Experiment No. 2 Etsy
Basket Weave Baby Blanket