Like this blog I am a work in progress.

Hi! My name is Jennifer Dennis, but my friends call me Jen. I am graduate student pursuing a Masters in horticulture with a specialization in Urban Food Systems. I received my undergraduate degrees in Marine Science and Biology with minors Chemistry and Anthropology. I’m a very curious person and science gives me a way to explore the world around me.

I also have way more hobbies than I have time for. They include knitting, cooking, gardening, reading, violin, and jewelry making just to name a few. While my studies are mostly scientific, I am very fond of arts and crafts, and have tried so many different ones that I can’t remember them all.

Until several years ago I was certain that I knew what I wanted to do with my life scholastically and professionally, but a series of events drastically changed that thinking. My sophomore year of college I fell sick with a Mono-like virus (which also included a particularly nasty case of Strep and Bronchitis) from which I never quite recovered.  After about a year of being exhausted and sick all the time and feeling nauseated every time I ate, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This lead to me taking a semester off from school while I continued to undergo further testing and ended up adding multiple food sensitivities (10 total: gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, beef, pork, peanuts, oats, pecans, chamomile), a semi-functioning immune system, and an early-onset of anaerobic threshold to my diagnosis.

It was during that semester off that I started to reconsider my career choice. I had so many different things that I liked, so many that I was interested in, was I really comfortable with my choice? I started to wonder whether I could make the choice at all, whether I could chose one thing to do for the rest of my life and be happy with it. In the meantime I decided to start exploring the things I was interested in, which lead to this blog.

While that was several years ago, and I have a bit more direction now (PLANTS!), I’m still not positive what exactly I want to end up doing so I’m continuing to explore my options and write about them.


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