Tour de Fleece 2018: The End

Phew, what a Tour! Here’s how things went:

Spinning wheel and lazy Kate with two bobbins against tan wall.

Cinnamon Cotton Wheel Spin: I got A LOT farther on my wheel spin than I thought I would. I figured I’d maybe finish one bobbin/single, but I got two done and started a third. I also spun on this every day and worked my way up to 50 minutes a day.

Supported spindles with white cotton and cotton punis on tan background.

White Cotton Supported Spin: Fell behind on this spin, so didn’t get it finished. I did finish up the 4th spindle after I took this photo, which leaves me with one spindle and about 3 days worth of spinning left on this project (not including plying).

Four turkish spindles with green and brown cotton on tan background.

Cotton Gradient Spin: I pretty much hit my target on this and finished the 6th single. I started the 7th during the tour but didn’t get more than a few meters spun.

Small turkish spindle and white yarn on tan background.

Itty Bitty Spin: I finished this one a lot faster than I thought I would and had it done by the middle of the tour.

Bonus Spins: In addition to the four spins above, I also completed the challenge day Re-Spin Spin, and spun up a sample of fiber that came with my new spindle.

Cream turkish spindle and red skein of yarn on tan background.Phang supported spindle and grey skein of yarn on tan background.Phang supported spindle and multi-color pastel yarn on tan background.

Overall it was a pretty successful tour. I only “missed” my goal on one of my spins, but far overshot my mark on another spin and completed some extra spins so I think it all evens out. I’m hoping to keep up the momentum I build during the tour and finish up the Cotton Gradient Spin and the third single on the Cinnamon Cotton Wheel Spin by the end of this coming week. Then I’ll be ready to ply a bunch of yarn. I also have a few spin-a-longs I plan on participating in in August.

Spindles and yarn on tan background.
All my spindle projects together.

If you’d like to see what my day to day progress looked like, I’ve posted pictures on my personal Instagram account @expnumber1 throughout the tour.


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