Tour de Fleece 2018: The Start

It’s that wonderful time of year; Tour de Fleece time! This year I’m spinning on four teams:

Team Sherlocked (221B group on Ravelry)

Team Unicorn (a joint team of The Grove and The Sisterhood of the Spinning Goddesses groups on Ravelry)

Team Jenkins (Jenkins Yarntools group on Ravelry)

Team Schacht (Schacht Spinners group on Ravelry)

All of the teams are pretty relaxed and are okay with me “double dipping” or counting a project for more than one team. My goal is simply to spin every day. I’d also love to finish these spins, but life seems to be making a habit of throwing the unexpected at me this year and I’m hoping for a low-pressure, low-stress TdF, so I’m not setting that as a goal. All of the projects I’m going to be working on are current WIPs:

~Brookemore cinnamon cotton sliver on my wheel

~White community garden cotton (for dyeing!) on my supported spindles

~Single for my cotton gradient spin on my Kuchulus

~Rambouillet on my Bee Hummingbird

Here are my starting photos:

Supported spindles and drop spindles with cotton punis and sliver on tan background
My spindle spins

Close up of bobbin on spinning wheel with brown cotton yarn

My wheel spin

If you’d like follow along with my day to day progress, I’ll be posting pictures on my personal Instagram account @expnumber1. Happy spinning and wish me luck!


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