Spinning Bullet Journal

I recently started a bullet journal dedicated to my spinning hobby and I thought I’d share a peek inside. So far the lists I’ve included are:

~Wheel information and care

~Spindle information

~Equipment information

~Notes from various spinning classes (both in-person and Craftsy)

Open notebook with table of contents and turkish spindleNotebook page showing whorl ratios for spinning wheel.Notebook page showing maintenance notes for wheel.

Craftsy Class notes

Eventually the journal will also contain:

~ Breed Study Notes (and special index)

~ Plant Study Notes (and special index)

~ Fiber Prep Notes and Techniques

~ Fiber sources

~ Resources and References (websites, books, etc)

~ Planning notes for spinning projects

My goal is to create a book that I can reference again and again with all sorts of useful and interesting information. I also hope to create a similar book with natural dyeing as a focus, and I’ll share that in the future. I get a weird amount of joy from collecting and organizing information. It’s probably one of the reason I have so many different journals and why I have bookshelves full of reference-type books, but hey, there are worse inclinations.

Do you have bullet journals for your hobbies? What types of lists do you keep in them?

3 thoughts on “Spinning Bullet Journal

  1. I am interested in bullet journals, but I know I would be terrible at them. For one thing, I can’t keep up that level of dedicated organisation long-term. Just can’t. For another, my hand writing sucks. Really, really sucks. And it gets worst the longer I write for because it’s just not FAST enough for my thoughts and it’s so frustrating and I end up stabbing the page and just doing a scribble thinking I will remember what word I meant then writing (yes, literally writing) AHHHHH a lot when my brain seizes up because it’s at least a paragraph ahead of what I’m trying to write.

    Keyboards are my friend.

    But I really like looking at other people’s bullet journals, and I’d love to see how yours goes!


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