The Red Leather Studio

I’m so excited to finally be able to share a project with you all that I’ve been working on for the past year and one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet: The Red Leather Studio on Etsy (@redleatherday on Instagram). Right now the shop is mainly handcrafted traveler’s notebook covers, but there’s plenty of room and plans to expand in the future. I’ve had a lot of fun setting this shop up and improving on my leather working skills and I’d love if you’d check it out and let me know what you think. Also, this week I’ll be running an opening/Thanksgiving sale and the code THANKFULLYOPEN will get you 10% off your purchase (excluding Perfectly Imperfect covers). The sale starts tomorrow and runs through November 28th.

Well, that’s really the big thing since my last post. My health hasn’t improved any and we’re still looking for answers. I do still hope to return to blogging regularly, just like I hope to be able to continue my education, I’m just not quite sure when I’ll be able to. Oh life with chronic illnesses… always an adventure.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Autumn!

2 thoughts on “The Red Leather Studio

  1. Wow! Those notebook covers are gorgeous! I super want one of the floral paisley ones. But I’ll have to wait until I have money to burn (which I really, really don’t right now).

    I’m sorry to hear that your health is still in that slump. Chronic illness sucks (which is, of course, a ridiculous understatement). It’s so frustrating when it moves backwards or just won’t budge, and there’s no (apparent) reason and nothing to be done but wait and hope. Fingers-crossed for you that it backs off soon.

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