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** Warning, this is a photo heavy post. **

FoxyFix wanderlust

Today I want to talk a little bit about garden journals. Keeping a garden journal is something I try to do every year, and somehow by the middle of the growing season I completely forget about it. This has left me with a bunch of partially started notebooks and horrible records of what I’ve grown. Clearly the old system wasn’t working for me, so this year I decided to try something new.

Enter the traveler’s notebook. It’s essentially a cover (mine is a Wide Wanderlust Butterscotch from Foxy Fix) with elastics which hold notebook inserts. It’s highly customizable and has a huge fan base. I stumbled across them while looking for ideas for setting up my grad school Filofax (a post for another day) and though that maybe, just maybe, here was a system that would work. So I thought about it for a few months, came up with a plan, got some inserts to try out, and ordered my notebook.

It arrived a few weeks ago, and so far I’m definitely a fan. It feels like a nice cohesive book, but the inserts seem to give me the flexibility I’ve been craving. Here’s how it’s set up right now.

Insert 1: Calendar
Purpose: Mostly for recording weather and planting dates, but other garden events like classes are included too.

Calendar (Midori brand)
Calendar (Midori brand)

Insert 2: Garden Log
Purpose: To record what goes on in the garden (planting dates, harvest quantities, pest problems)

Grid insert (Midori brand)
Grid insert (Midori brand)

Insert 3: Orchard Log
Purpose: Essentially the same as the Garden Log, only for the orchard: To record what goes on in the orchard (tasks, harvest quantities, pest problems)

Grid insert (Midori brand)
Grid insert (Midori brand)

Insert 4: Garden Resources/Ideas
Purpose: This insert gives me a place to write down helpful books and websites as well as any ideas/information I come across that seems useful.

Lined insert (Midori brand)
Ruled insert (Midori brand)

And lastly…

Insert 5: Orchard Resources/Ideas
Purpose: In addition to being a place to record similar stuff to the Garden Resources insert, I’ll also use this to keep my notes from the steward training classes for the orchard.

Lined insert (Midori brand)
Ruled insert (Midori brand)

And there you have it! Five inserts in total, and hopefully enough space to record everything I want to. Again, right now I think this system will work, but then again I’ve thought that about the other notebooks too. Here’s hoping.

Do you have a garden notebook/journal? How do you keep from forgetting about it halfway through the season?


11 thoughts on “Garden Journal

  1. Yes, I do have a gardening notebook. I love it ! It is so important to me. I think everyone neglects to make notes as the season progresses. I think that is normal. But keeping notes on sowing seeds and drawing out new planting schemes and keeping a record of crop rotation is essential. I will be really sad when my book is full, as I am so fond of it. I take it upstairs to read before I go to sleep. What could be nicer than falling asleep next to notes about flowers and seeds? x

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    1. If only thinking about plants before bed let me dream of gardening. I agree, keeping good records is so important, that’s why I’m trying so hard to find a method that works. One thing I think I’ll like about this system is that I can take different parts out and replace them when I’ve used them up. I imagine my notes and resources for the garden and orchard will stay in the journal forever, but I’ll change the calendar and logs (and keep the old ones in a safe place of course) at the end of each year.

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    1. Thank you! It’s difficult to decide what to use with all the options out there. I’ll definitely be revisiting my garden journal at the end of the season to see what worked and didn’t work for me. I hope you find something that you like and works for you!

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      1. Sanderella's

        Yes, many options but wanted to make one of my own. There are some cute ones out there pre made…but I don’t want to spend that money really!! Lol! I think it will be fun to review our journals at the end of the season…I have critters here and I can almost see what is written in my journal! Lol!!

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  2. I do not have a garden notebook. I think if I did I would forget to write notes and fill it with pictures instead. I’m not such a dedicated gardener that I feel I need one though. Yours is really cool! I like the idea of a customisable notebook. I hadn’t heard of those before. I’d be tempted to get one for other things.

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    1. I think pictures are totally valid entries in a garden notebook. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to plants. People use the notebooks for all sorts of things. I’ve seen them used as planners, art journals, writing journals, etc. The original ones are Midori brand but there are tons of awesome ones all over Etsy.

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