Gardening Year in Review

Another year gone already! It was a pretty decent year garden wise. I found a community garden run by awesome people. I was put in charge of an orchard at the same community garden. I started graduate school for a masters in horticulture with a specialization in urban food systems, and I grew a lot of yummy fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

One of my favorite things I did this year was take regular pictures of my garden plot from (about) the same spot. This has allowed me to put together a slideshow of sorts and watch the entire garden season go by in a manner of seconds, and I thought I’d share it with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There aren’t any pictures from July because I was fairly sick that month and didn’t make it out to the garden.

Looking forward to next year, I’m hoping to be a bit more practical with my garden plot and focus on growing the vegetables I use like carrots, beets, spinach, and not so many tomatoes. I’ll still probably pick one or two new/fun plants to grow as well. I’ll also have the orchard to care for, which is exciting, but also a little daunting since I have no idea how much work it’ll end up being.


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