Mid-October Garden Update

Well, things in the garden are beginning to wind down for the winter. This past month has been a lot of clean up and getting ready for the off-season.

For the plants on my deck winter prep mostly consisted of moving the herbs from the big planter into little pots so I can bring them indoors over the winter. I debated letting them overwinter outside, but I cook a lot during the colder months and want to be able to have fresh herbs. Besides, I’m sure I’ll appreciate the green in the dead of winter. The plants in my house have all been rearranged to make room for the herbs. The lime tree also made the move indoors a few weeks ago once it started getting cold at night.

White and purple blossom surrounded by leaves
The African Violet likes its new spot.

As for the rest of the deck plants, the stevia died pretty quickly once it got chilly. It was a neat plant to grow, but I didn’t use it at all so I’m not heart broken over the loss. I cut the strawberries back a few weeks ago to get them ready for winter and they seemed to take it well. Once they start to go dormant I’ll move them into my garage to overwinter them. I’m thinking that next year I’ll put them in the black boxes I have to give them more space. The last plant on my deck is my beautiful blueberry. It grew so much this year, and I’m very happy about that. I’m going to overwinter it in the protected corner of my deck since it’s a bit big to move to the garage.

Raised bed with tomatoes and marigolds

Things at the community garden plot are going similarly. Left in my plot are two tomato plants, some carrots, three beet plants that survived the voles, and some marigold bushes. While the tomatoes are still growing, both they and the marigolds are probably coming out soon. I’ll leave the beets and carrots in a bit longer since they’re more cold-tolerant.

Young trees in a fenced in area.
Our new orchard!

The big news from the garden is last weekend we put in an orchard with some help from a neat organization called the Giving Grove (check them out here). There are now a total of 9 trees (2 Asian pears, 2 European pears, and 5 apples) and 2 bush cherries at the garden, and I’m in charge of caring for them! I’m very excited and also very glad that Giving Grove will continue to provide support, knowledge, and training for the life of the orchard, because I have no idea what I’m doing yet.

Other than that I’ve been thinking ahead about what I want to do in the garden next year and how I want to organize my garden notebook/journal (because my current system is NOT working). I know gardening isn’t done for the year quite yet, but it’s hard not to think about what I want to plant next year. Does anyone else have this problem?



5 thoughts on “Mid-October Garden Update

  1. I love your photo of your African Viloet and it was great to see your garden in the community plot! Like you, I think all the time of what I want to grow next year. I suppose each year we grow we learn a little bit more and find ways of dealing with pests and different weather conditions. Then the next year, everything changes again and we realise that we have a whole lot of problems to deal with! One thng is for sure though, gardening is good for our souls! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Yes, gardening is definitely good for the soul. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about the next season when the current season hasn’t finished yet! I’m sure that next year will bring a whole host of different experiences, even if they’re just because of the orchard. How do you keep track of everything you learned during the growing season and everything you want to try the following year?


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