September Garden Update

We’re halfway through September already? Where did the month go? I swear it was August yesterday…

Things in the community garden plot are at an awkward in-between at the moment. The summer crops (tomatoes and beans) are still producing but the fall crops (carrots, beets, and spinach) are starting to sprout and grow. That combined with the hot weather we’ve had the last few weeks that kept me from being outside too much means that the garden is kind of a mess. Hopefully with the cooler weather we’re supposed to have the next few weeks I can get out and get things cleaned up a bit.

Community Garden Plot

The plants on my deck are doing well. It’s about time to harvest another batch of herbs and pull the calendula and lemon balm. I also need to start thinking about what plants I want to bring in for the winter. Definitely the lime tree and the rosemary, but I’m still undecided about the others.

As for the rest of this month, I don’t have much planned garden-wise other than a clean up. The orchard at the community garden is going in on October 17th so I’ll be preparing for that as well. I’m super excited now that it’s close and actually happening. This week I got to pick out varieties for the apples, pears, and asian pears which was fun.

I also may start planning my garden for next year. There are some things that I learned this year (direct seeded beans do better, DO NOT plant two currant tomato bushes, I cook with carrots more than I eat them raw) that definitely affect what I’ll plant next year. I’m also debating sticking with spring and fall crops, since summer is not the best health wise for me. Also maybe garlic, I haven’t decided.

How has your garden done this September?


4 thoughts on “September Garden Update

  1. I hope the cooler weather is better for you. A spring/autumn focused garden sounds like a good way to work around that problem.

    How is my garden? My orchid (which I inherited from my grandpa earlier in the year when I did not know anything about orchids) is not only alive, but is flowering! Also, my oregano seems to have decided to be healthy again (for now, at least).

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