June Garden Update

May was certainly an interesting month weather-wise. It hasn’t quite warmed up yet and we’ve gotten at least twice the normal amount of rain. Not that I’m complaining. It’s quite nice to be able to be outside without overheating and not to have to water my plants. Speaking of plants, here’s how they’re all doing.


Almost no change in the houseplants this past month. The African violet is still blooming, the lime tree seems to be mad at me for trimming it and hasn’t grown much, and everyone else is holding steady. Luckily Olive (my new dog) isn’t into eating plants.

Deck Plants

Everything is growing really well and loving the rain (and their well-draining pots). I harvested and froze the last of the spring spinach crop this week since it was starting to bolt and planted calendula in its place. The dill is growing well and the lemon balm finally sprouted. The stevia is now larger than it was when I bought it so I think it’s safe to say it successfully survived the bird attack.

Deck planters and pots with plants

The netting and wire cages have done a good job of protecting the plants from the wild life. This meant I got to harvest my first strawberry yesterday. I don’t have a picture since I ate it immediately. Although there will be no blueberries to eat this year the blueberry has grown quite a bit this past month. I actually hadn’t realized how much it had grown until I went and looked at my last update.

Community Garden

Other than a few lost bean plants (from wind and digging critters) things in the garden are going well. I planted my tomatoes in ground a few weeks ago, but since it has been cool they really aren’t growing much. The squash plants now have flower buds and the beans are blooming. The sunflowers are growing well and the marigolds are little bushes now. I had a lot or carrots sprout last week, which is exciting since I may actually have a carrot crop this year.

June Garden 4 June Garden 1 June Garden 2 June Garden 3

With all this rain I’m very glad I opted for a raised bed instead of an in-ground plot this year. The charity rows are super soggy and the plants in them are NOT happy.


I did eventually hear back from the architectural committee last week about my front landscape change request and it was approved (thank goodness!). Once it stops being so soggy outside I hope to tear out the yew bushes and replace them with holly.

How has your garden been doing this month?


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