May Garden Update

It’s officially growing season! This means that for the next few months the garden updates will be much longer and picture heavy.


Lime tree, african violet, and thanksgiving cactus on bench

There hasn’t been a lot of change with the houseplants in the past month. The African violet is still in bloom, though it seems to be slowing down. The basil, Thanksgiving cactus, lime tree, and ivy are all doing well. Since the weather is a bit nicer the rosemary got moved outside to become a deck plant and seems to be enjoying the change in scenery.

Deck Plants

Planters with plants on deck

There are now a lot of plants on my deck and it’s wonderful. The spinach I started in March is now to the point where needed thinning, so I’ve been doing that this weekend and eating the very small and delicious harvest. I sowed dill, chives, lemon balm, and basil last month and the dill and chives are starting to come up. It’s exciting to watch them grow and I think baby plants are adorable.

Baby Spinach Harvest
First harvest of the year!

I’ve also added thyme, oregano, sage, stevia, and strawberries (from the local garden center) to my menagerie. Interestingly, the birds immediately started attacking the stevia, sage, and thyme as soon as I planted them and completely demolished the stevia. I constructed a sort of soft cage with bird netting to protect the plants and I haven’t had any issues with birds since. Fortunately the stevia seems to be making a recovery from the brutal attack.

The blueberry bush is completely leafed out, green, and seems to be growing along happily. I guess the pruning and repotting didn’t kill it.

Blueberry bush

Unfortunately the daffodils in the glass jar didn’t make it. They got moldy and stopped growing so I scrapped that experiment. It’s probably for the best since we’re heading into severe weather season and having glass outside seems like not a good idea.

Community Garden

It has been a busy two weeks at my community garden plot. I transplanted the beans, squash, and marigolds that I had started in April. I also sowed dwarf and Moulin Rouge sunflowers and a second round of beans. The carrots I sowed a while ago are starting to grow so it looks like I’ll have a crop of those this year. Unfortunately I only had 3 beets sprout so I pulled them and used the space for beans. Maybe I’ll have better luck with them in the fall.

Raised bed with marigolds, squash, and beans

I’ve been out to my plot almost every day checking on things and watering if needed. I really enjoy going out and seeing the progress in my own plot and other people’s as well. Plus there’s a robin’s nest near the yard waste bins and it’s been fun to watch the chicks grow.


Last month I submitted a proposal to the architectural committee for changing the landscaping in the front of my house. The meeting was on April 21st and I haven’t heard back yet. Since most of the plants I wanted to put in are already in the neighborhood at other people’s houses I went ahead and did some landscaping. The new plants include yellow and purple chrysanthemums, purple coneflowers, “Hot Summer” coneflowers, daisies, and black-eyed-susans. I also had to replace four of the six lavender plants that I put in last fall since they didn’t survive the winter.

This month I hope to work a lot in the community garden, finish up the front landscaping, and read up on fruit tree/bush care.

What are your garden plans for May?


2 thoughts on “May Garden Update

    • Thanks! And yep, I have to submit a proposal and have it approved by a committee. It’s a bit annoying, but the trade off is that I don’t have to cut my grass in the summer or shovel my driveway in the winter (the community I live in is maintenance provided), so I can’t complain too much.

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