Wire Cages (or How to Stop Spinach Thieves)

Someone has eating the tops of my baby spinach!

In an order to stop further destruction and save my spinach from the thieves (who I suspect are either birds or squirrels) I set about making cages out of coated chicken wire this past weekend.

Baby spinach under chicken wire

First I measured the dimensions of my deck boxes. They’re 10 inches by 16 inches. Since I wanted my cages to be 4 inches tall, I added and additional 8 inches to each of those measurements to get what size the sheet of chicken wire needed to be (18” x 24”). I cut the rectangles first then cut 4” x 4” squares out of each corner. My wire cutters weren’t the best so this took a long time. To finish forming the cages I folded the sides up and secured them to each other. I had cut the wire in such a way that all I had to do was twist the wire ends together, but I imagine using a separate length of wire would work just as well. (Pictures of the process are at the end of the post).

I had planned to have the cages sit inside the boxes and be secured by landscape staples, but as usual nothing goes according to plan and these ended up fitting better over the outside of the boxes. On the plus side, they were snug enough that all I really had to do was slide the cages over the outside of the boxes and the texture of the box was enough to keep them in place.

So far they seem to be working. I had a squirrel on my deck this morning inspecting one but it decided that it was too much work and left the boxes alone. Victory!

Rectangle of Chicken Wire
Cutting the rectangle
Chicken Wire cage
Folding the sides
Securing the corners
Securing the corners
Chicken Wire cage over deck planter
Finished cage on deck box

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