April Garden Update

WooHoo! It’s finally Spring! The last frost date here is April 15th so gardening season isn’t quite in full swing yet, but things are definitely happening. Here’s what’s been going on the past month:

Marigold Sprout with flower bud

House Plants

Two, that’s two (!), of my houseplants are in bloom right now! The Thanksgiving cactus had a second wave of blooms, which are slightly redder in color than the first, very pink, ones. It also has a lot of new growth, which is exciting. I may need to get it a bigger pot soon. The African violet continues to bloom ever so slowly, with three flowers currently open and about twelve more on the way. It didn’t bloom last year so it seems to be putting on quite a show this year to make up for it.

The rosemary plant is in full growth mode and seems to be doing well. Once the weather gets a bit more stable I plan to move it out to the deck so it gets more sun. The lime tree’s growth has slowed down, but is still occurring so I’ll likely be pruning it back this month to encourage more branch growth. I also need to fertilize it sometime this month. I have added some basil plants (from the grocery store), which I still need to pot, and a cutting from the Thanksgiving cactus that I’m rooting for someone in my soils class to my indoor menagerie. The basil will be going outside once the weather gets better and the cutting will be going to a new home once I’m confident that it will survive.


Deck Plants

I now have 5 planters on my deck. Two of them have not been planted yet. One planter has spinach in it, which is tiny and only has two leaves at this point. Another of the planters is that glass vase that I put the daffodil bulbs in. They started to get moldy in the house so I moved them outside because mold and I are not friends. They seem to be doing okay and are growing slowly. The last planter on the deck is a blueberry bush from my parents’ house that I hope will be happier on my deck (there will be a post about it later).

Daffodil bulbs in a glass vase

I think the deck planters are going to turn into my herb garden so that’ll be happening gradually over the next month. I’ll also have a few pots with flowers. All of this depends highly on the weather, which is a bit mercurial this time of year.


Community Garden

Community Garden Raised Bed

Again, since we haven’t gotten past our last frost date here, I haven’t done a lot with my actual raised bed. I did seed two types of carrots and some beets, but they haven’t sprouted yet. The marigolds, tomatoes, and peppers I started under my grow light are doing well though. One of the marigolds even has a flower bud on it! I’m not sure what it thinks it’s doing because it’s tiny. I also ordered the last of my seeds (this time from Botanical Interests). They should get here just about the time I want to start seeding things. Even though the last frost date is April 15th, I think I’m going to start my beans and squash indoors first incase the weather decides to be mean and freeze late like it did last year.



I wrote up and submitted the proposal to change the landscaping in front of my house. Since the lawn care company that takes care of the grass seems to use fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide on EVERYTHING I’m not going to grow anything I want to eat where they could possibly get to it. Instead I’m leaning towards turning it into a bee and beneficial insect garden / cutting flower garden. We’ll see if the architectural committee approves it.


That’s everything that I’m up to right now gardening wise. How about you? What are you doing in your garden right now?


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