Daffodil Experiment

Daffodil bulbs on marbles in glass jar

Ever get something, put it away and forget about it only to re-discover it a few months later? Well, that’s exactly what happened with these daffodil bulbs. I got them last fall with then intention of planting them but then life got a little hectic and that never happened. While I was organizing my garage over spring break I re-discovered them in the back of a cabinet, starting to grow. Since it seems a little late to plant them outside I thought I’d try to grow some in a glass container with water, like you see sold in the stores. Since I got started so late, they probably won’t bloom for a while, but that’s okay. I like daffodils any time of year.

Colorful Marbles in jar

First I filled the bottom two inches of the glass container with some marbles I found when I was cleaning out my closet at my parents’ place.

Daffodil Bulbs in Jar without water

Then I carefully selected and arranged the daffodil bulbs on the marbles, making sure they were snug enough not to fall over.

Water covered marbles

Lastly I added water (down the side of the container so as not to displace any of the bulbs) just up to the bottom of the bulbs. In a few weeks, once the daffodils have had a chance to grow roots I plan on adding some vodka to stunt their growth so they don’t get so tall they fall over.

I have no idea if this will actually work or if the bulbs will just get moldy and die. Right now it seems like it could go either way, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. I’m also glad to finally have a use for all those marbles.



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