Community Garden Workdays

Last Saturday and the Saturday before that we had our first two workdays at the community garden.

The first day was a bit chilly and we finished building the raised beds, filled some of them with city compost, weeded plots, and did general garden upkeep. My bed was one of the ones that was completed and is now 24” high, which will make gardening a bit easier.

Raised bed with soil
My plot after planting carrots and beets on Monday

The second Saturday we did planting in the Rows for the Hungry. Half of the garden land is dedicated to growing food that is either donated to soup kitchens and shelters or sold (with the money then donated). People “adopt” rows to take care of, and while I don’t think I’m reliable enough health-wise at the moment to take on a row, I think it’s a really neat program and definitely plan on helping out.

One of my favorite things about the garden so far is the people; everyone who has shown up for a workday is super friendly and very nice. I’m not sure when the next workday is but I definitely plan on going.


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