March Garden Update

Pink Flower bud of a thanksgiving cactus.WooHoo! It’s March. You know what that means right? Time to get my seeds started! I have my grow light all set up and ready to go. I’m planning on starting tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, marigolds, and possibly beans. I’ll probably get things started next week, as this week is a bit busy.

Grow light

I’m also going to start working on the proposals to submit to the homeowner’s association for the landscape changes. I want to replace the yew bushes that are up front with an herb garden and add a patio under my deck for extra seating area. I’ll have to draw up sketches and get bids on the patio and fill out the paperwork. I’m hoping if I get it done this month I’ll hear back from the committee before summer starts.

As for the houseplants, they’re hanging in there, waiting for sunnier days and warmer temperatures.

What are your plans for March?


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