Top Ten Reasons Why I Didn’t Get the Post for Today Written

Snow from this week
Snow from this week
  1. It’s cold here so my bed is extra hard to get out of in the morning.
  1. I really wanted to start a weaving project that has been bouncing around my head for months.
  1. My mandolin was feeling neglected.


  1. The internet is distracting.
  1. I had to clean my gross, mildew-y humidifier (I cleaned it 2 weeks ago so it shouldn’t have been that bad, but it was).
  1. I had some ingredients with limited shelf life so I had to make something with them before they went bad. (These protein bars and this butternut squash soup).
  1. Hanging pictures with my mom yesterday made me really tired, though not as tired as it would have a year ago so yay progress!
  1. I spent an unusual, and completely unacceptable amount of time dealing with one of my doctor’s offices trying to get an order form for blood work with the correct name on it so I could get my blood drawn. Seriously, it was ridiculous.
  1. After writing several short essays for the first test in class this week my brain rebelled at the idea of writing anything that remotely resembled an essay.
  1. It just wasn’t going to happen. Sorry.

New Ivy leaf shaped like a heart.


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