December Garden Update

There’s actually not much going on gardening-wise right now, so this won’t be a very long update.

The basil and oregano cuttings I took this fall ended up dying. It was a little weird because they looked good for a few weeks after I potted them, then one day they were dead. Some scallions have taken their place as the plants that may or may not survive.

Everyone else seems happy. The ivy is now living on my mantel above my fireplace and the rosemary is keeping my humidifier company. The key lime tree and African violet don’t quite understand the concept of winter and are continuing to grow new leaves on a regular basis. The Thanksgiving cactus may or may not be trying to bloom; I don’t know if it has decided yet.

Plants in pots
All together for a family photo

As for me, I have several seed catalogues to pore over and several months to come up with a plan of attack for the spring. I hope to have a garden full of beautiful, useful plants come summer.


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