More Delays…

Seeing how the last update on my work-in-progress Etsy shop was almost a month ago, I figured it was time for another. I had planned to have the shop up and open for business before Christmas, but as Christmas got closer and closer and I still had a ton to do before I could open, it became clear that I would have to bump back my timeline yet again. I also didn’t really want to try navigating the madness of the holidays as a newbie shop owner, so it worked out for the better.

That being said, I do technically have my Etsy shop open… but it’s on vacation mode so no one can see the listings or buy anything. I wasn’t really happy to do it this way, but it was the only way Etsy would let me edit certain things like the shop banner and policies, which I wanted to have in place from the start. I have a couple of things left to figure out regarding shipping and sales tax, then things should be good to go.

With my updated timeline I hope to have the shop officially open by January 20th. Hopefully.

I wouldn’t hold my breath though.



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