Ginger Licorice Tisane

I know it’s not technically winter yet, but boy does it feel like it. If the weather forecasters are correct, tomorrow will be the first time in two years that I’ve seen snow. In an effort to combat the cold and keep my hands warm, I’m carrying around and drinking a lot of tea.

One of my favorite teas to drink is Yogi Ginger Tea. I like steeping it with a bag of Licorice tea, since licorice is supposed to help keep my blood pressure up and it makes the tea rather sweet. Having just completed a lesson on teas and tisanes in the Intermediate Herbalist course I decided to try to replicate the blend myself. After many cups of weird tasting tisanes I finally arrived at a drink that I liked. It’s not an exact replica by any means, but my favorite bits are still there (the spice of the ginger, the sweetness of the licorice, the light citrus notes from the lemongrass). Interestingly enough, when brewed on their own the only one of the ingredient I find pleasant is peppermint, but together they work well and balance each other out.

White tea mug with golden tisane

(Now, I’m lucky enough to have a grocery store (Natural Grocers) nearby that carries all the ingredients, but I know this is not the case for everyone so I’ve included links to buy the ingredients online.)

Ginger Licorice Tisane

6.5 parts Dried Ginger Root
5.5 parts Dried Licorice Root
1.5 parts Dried Peppermint Leaf
.5 parts Dried Lemongrass
.5 parts Crushed Black Pepper

Weigh out each ingredient (the parts are by weight) and mix well. I usually steep 1 TBSP of the mix per cup of almost boiling water for 10 minutes, which makes a decently strong tisane. If you find it too sweet or have problems with high blood pressure you may want to decrease the amount of licorice in the blend.

Sushi Fish Mug

Oh, just in case you were wondering about my awesome sushi fish mug, I found it at an asian market in Miami, but it’s also available on Amazon (isn’t everything?).


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