August Garden Update

Quite a few changes have occurred in my balcony garden this past month as I have started to prepare to move at the end of August. The tomatoes stopped producing fruit mid-July so I pulled those to free up their pots. The summer sun finally finished off the lemon balm, so that got pulled as well. I pulled the apple trees, which were becoming root bound, since I won’t be taking them with me and they weren’t going to produce edible apples (though I still felt really guilty for killing them).

Plants waiting for new homes.
Waiting for new homes.

The re-homing process for the rest of the plants started this past week, further reducing the actual number of plants in my apartment. A basil plant and three strawberries have already been placed, leaving one basil, an oregano, an English ivy, and two strawberry plants (if they survive) left. These all have homes lined up (actually the same home) and will be heading there sometime mid-August.

Getting rested for the trip!
Getting rested for the trip!

This leaves the plants I’m planning on taking with me. Right now there are six total, though I may have to reduce that number depending on space in the car. I’ll be bringing the Key lime tree, African violet, grafted cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, small English ivy, and rosemary plant. They are all doing well. My goal for the rest of August is to keep them healthy enough to survive the move.

In other plant-related news, about a week and a half ago (July 21st) my lime tree turned 1 year old! I can’t believe it! I celebrated its birthday by giving it its first pruning. I took out one of the two shoots growing upright and clipped a few thorns. The shoot was starting to hinder the other from growing evenly and multiple tree pruning websites assured me it was a good thing to do in the long run. The stem wasn’t exactly an insignificant part of the tree so I was worried that losing it would send the tree into shock, but it was a needless worry as the tree has grown about two inches since then.

Lime tree with pruned branch on floor
Lime’s first pruning

Anyways, August and September are slated to be super busy months so I’ll probably go to more sporadic posting. Hopefully when I come back in October I have some new plants to tell you about. Until then, have a wonderful few months!



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