Structure of a Flower

Time for another hand-drawn plant diagram. This week it’s a flower that’s missing some petals and sepals so we can see the inner parts. Not really sure why the flower turned out day-glo pink in the photo. It was supposed to be salmon. Oh well.

labeled diagram of flower structure

Pedicel – Flower stalk

Receptacle – Where other flower parts are attached.

Sepal – Modified leaves that protect flower buds. Sepals can be colorful.

Petals – Leaf-like structures that have pigments. Petals are important for attracting the correct pollinators.

Stamen – “Male” portion of a flower.

Filament – Stalk of the stamen.

Anther – Part of the stamen where anther is produced.

Carpel – “Female” portion of a flower (not labeled).

Stigma – Part of carpel that catches pollen grains.

Style – Part of the carpel that elevates stigma.

Ovary – Part of carpel that produces megaspores.

Pistil – Can refer to a single, or several fused carpels.


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