June Garden Update

Yes, yes, I know it has been June for a while now and this update is long overdue, but I’ve been working on other things and kind of forgot. Other than the 10 minutes in the morning that I spend watering, pruning, and talking to my plants, my garden hasn’t exactly been on my mind. It’s kind of nice to have reached the point where things require only a little maintenance and brainpower.

Picture of tomatoes, carrots and lemon balm in pots on a balconyThe herbs are happy and low maintenance as usual. I did end up pulling my basil because it was almost dead, but the cuttings I took are rooting. The lemon balm is also the happiest I’ve ever seen it. The carrots are mature enough that I’m able to harvest them whenever I get a craving for crunchy; they’ll probably be gone soon. The tomato I started this winter is blooming and fruiting and seems very happy with all the rain we’ve been getting. The tomato that I started last summer is still blooming but barely producing fruit. I may pull it soon.

White soul alpine Strawberry plants on a balcony

The strawberries are big and happy. The aphids are under control for the most part (just a little dish soap and water seemed to do the trick). I’ll probably have to treat them once more this summer. I also need to replant them in larger pots as they’re getting root-bound. That hasn’t stopped them from blooming and producing their tiny white fruit though. I absolutely love the way the berries smell.

The apples are still surprisingly alive. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with them when I move at the end of the summer. The ivy that’s outside in quarantine is alive and shows no sign of spider mites, but does not seem to like the sun exposure or the heat. I’m considering moving it back inside, but I’m hesitant because I really don’t want mites on my other plants.

Key lime tree and cuttings looking out a window

As for the indoor plants, the lime tree finally got too tall to fit under the grow light so I moved it to a sunny window. It seemed to take a little time to adjust but is back to growing. I trimmed its thorns last week with nail clippers (I used rubbing alcohol to sterilize them first). They seemed to do a good job and the tree was no worse for wear. There was also the delicious smell of lime while I was doing the trimming. I can’t believe the tree will be one year old next month!

The cacti and small ivy plant are happy and growing slowly. The African violet is losing some of its lower leaves. It seems to happen gradually and one-by-one, so I’m hoping it’s just the plant getting rid of unneeded leaves instead of something more serious. It is getting rather big and seems to be healthy otherwise, but I’m keeping a close eye on it.

As for the rest of June, the plan is to keep things alive and healthy.

Yellow currant tomato flowers


One thought on “June Garden Update

  1. Love the lime tree pic;) When do you plan on pinching top growth to promote branching? I have 2 lemon trees (1yr) from seed that I’m training for window sill trees-I’m enjoying the experimentation! I’ve taken a lot of knowledge away from bonsai videos even though this will not be my goal;)

    My mom is Master gardening here in central TX & my oldest daughter is loving horticulture this year.

    What do you plan on doing with your schooling when finished? Great pics, Faith Barcroft


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