White Soul Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) – Plants in my Apartment

Strawberry pez, that’s what White Soul Alpine Strawberries taste like to me. My sister agrees. I’m not quite sure what, but something about the intense strawberry taste and the slight tartness of the tiny berries (which I still haven’t figured out when are ripe) instantly reminds me of a candy I haven’t had in years.

Alpine strawberry leaves

Alpine strawberries are a cultivated variety of wild strawberries, very different from the strawberries you typically find in supermarkets. Smaller, more intensely flavored, and with a shorter shelf life, alpine strawberries were the only strawberries available before the massive modern variety was bred. You may find plants and seeds being sold under the names wild strawberry, woodland strawberry, fraises de bois and many other names; you’ll rarely ever find the fruit for sale since it doesn’t keep very long.

There are lots of options when choosing a type of alpine strawberry to grow. You can choose between red, yellow, and white strawberries and plants that produce runners and plants that don’t. The plants that are runnerless tend to be everbearing and will produce flowers and fruit all summer long. The plants that do have runners are typically June-bearing varieties.

White Soul strawberries are an everbearing, runnerless variety of alpine strawberries with white berries. Because they’re white, a color associated with unripe berries, the white soul berries don’t need protection from the birds. The berries are small and strongly scented.

Unripe White Soul Alpine Strawberries
Unripe berries (with a few aphids).

White Soul Strawberry Care

Size: Plants grow to be 8-10 in (20 – 25 cm) tall and 14-18 in (36 – 46 cm) wide.

Water Requirements: The soil the strawberries are grown in should be kept moist but not soggy.

Soil Requirements: Alpine strawberries prefer well drained, slightly acidic soil that is rich in organic matter. They should not be planted in soil where potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, or peppers have been previously grown as the soil may contain a wilt-causing fungus.

Light Requirements: The white soul likes full sun to part shade.

Temperature Requirements: Strawberries of all types grow best in mild climates. (USDA zones 5-8)

Nutrient Requirements: If you wish to fertilize your plants, an acidic fertilizer (20-20-20) is best.

Pruning: White soul strawberry plants need very little pruning. Because they do not send out runners like some other strawberry plants so will not spread on their own.

Pests: Alpine strawberries are susceptible to aphids, spider mites, slug damage to fruit, and root rot.

Companion Planting: Borage is a good companion plant for alpine strawberries.

Growing Indoors: Alpine strawberries are good container plants and can be grown indoors. You will have to hand pollinate them with a paint brush if you want them to produce fruit (Video How-to).

Harvesting and Use: Fruit should be harvested when ripe and does not keep long. Best eaten fresh and raw it can also be made into jams and used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, and crepes.

White Soul Alpine Strawberry FlowerSources

Baker Creek White Soul Alpine Strawberry – Where I got the seeds for my plants.

Burpee White Soul Alpine Strawberry – Basic growing information.

The Strawberry Store: How to Grow – Information on germination and growing requirements of alpine strawberries.

The Strawberry Store: Growing Alpine Strawberries – more information on growing strawberries from seed.

Terroir Seeds White Soul Alpine Strawberry – Very general growing information and a source for seeds.

White Flower Farm: Strawberry Growing Guide



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