A Brief Garden Update (with lots of pictures)

So, a lot has happened in the past month plant wise. Everyone survived the transition to the apartment, which was a pleasant surprise. My green leafed friends seemed to love the change in location and sunlight.

 My tomato sprouts seemed to greatly enjoy their new home. I put them in bigger pots (paper cups) about a week after I moved them in. They were growing quite well until they started exhibiting some very weird symptoms. One day I noticed these blister like formations on the underside of their leaves and on some of their stalks.

The leaves and stems that had the blisters were severely curled and would quickly turn yellow and drop off. After searching the great wide interwebs for a diagnosis, the closest thing I could find that matched their symptoms was tomato edema (still not 100% sure that is what they had). I cut back on my watering and performed an emergency transplant, and the tomatoes seemed to stop getting the blisters. Crisis (hopefully) adverted.

 This past week I’ve been hardening off the tomatoes and the habaneros in preparation for planting them in the community garden. I’m hoping to keep two for my balcony, but if I end up with more than that, well, I like tomatoes.

Instead of moving all the African violets to the new apartment with me, I gave most of them to the president of the Community Garden in preparation for the eventual plant sale. I have four left in my apartment and they are growing much faster than they did in the old place.

The lime tree got repotted, even though I swear it hasn’t grown any taller. Its roots were starting to poke out the bottom of the old pot so I figured it was time for a bigger one.

The basil, peppermint, oregano, and half the lemon balm sprouts (the other half stayed under the grow light and are doing well) moved outside to one of my patios. I think initially it was a shock, since I probably wasn’t as gradual with their sun exposure as I should have been. They seem to be doing well now that they’ve adjusted, and in my year and a half of owning the mint, I’ve never seen it so green.

I started the white soul strawberry seeds and the sprouts are now about ¼ inch high. The strawberries are supposed to be slow growers so I’m not surprised they’re so tiny.


I also started some apple seeds that I discovered had sprouted inside the apple when I went to prepare my breakfast one morning. So far 4 out of the 5 seeds have broken the surface of the pot, and although I know any fruit that comes from these plants is highly unlikely to be like the apple I found them in, it’s exciting to see what apple sprouts look like.

I have some rosemary, sage, and thyme cuttings in my window rooting, and it seems to be taking them a while. The grafted cactus is keeping them company. 

Plants to be Repotted

Next on my list of things to do is find pots for the tomatoes I’m keeping and plant them. I also want to repot the rest of the lemon balm now that it’s getting bigger.  I’m trying very hard to fight the urge to take more cuttings or start more plants, at least until the ones that are designated to live elsewhere move out. It’s okay though, means I have time to decide what I want to grow next. Any ideas?


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