Getting Started

** Warning  – This is going to be a photo heavy post. Sorry I’m not sorry. **

Seed Starting tray under grow light

With the arrival of my seeds last week, I was finally able to get them started for the growing season. In my head starting seeds is a Springtime activity, but things seem to be backwards here in Florida.


Before I got started I laid everything out on my coffee table and planned where and how many of each type of seeds I wanted to start. I then set to making up the soilless starting mixture. This was probably the hardest part for me, because I only wanted to use half of the block. I tried cutting the block with a serrated knife, but that didn’t work well so I resorted to flaking chunks off into my bucket. Eventually I got enough that I could add water and make up the soil.

Struggling with the block.

Seed starting tray with soil
All ready for seeds.

Then came the putting the soil in the seed starting cells. This was a bit messy because only because I was working with my hands, a plastic spoon, and a children’s shovel. I did eventually get everything filled without getting too much dirt on my carpet and moved on to the best part: Planting!

Marigold seeds in the soil

As I planted I made sure to write down where each seed went so not to lose track later. The marigolds were planted ¼” deep and everything else was ½” deep. After the planting was done, I filled the water reservoir, popped on the greenhouse cover and put it under my grow light. I ended up running out of room in the tray and starting my lemon balm seeds in an antique planter instead.

Lemon Balm Planter

Overall I planted

Marigolds – 12 cells (2 seeds in each)
Big Rainbow heirloom tomato – 3 cells (2 seeds in each)
Tiny tomato – 3 cells (3 seeds in each)
Black Cherry tomato – 2 cells (2 seeds in each)
Red Zebra heirloom tomato – 2 cells (2 seeds in each)
Caribbean Red Habanero pepper – 2 cells (2 seeds in each)
Lemon Balm – 1 planter

Tray Layout
Tray Layout

Most of these plants are destined for my boyfriend’s vegetable garden (which he’s allowing me to plant stuff in) and the community garden. Hope they grow.


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