Let there be Light

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, my apartment doesn’t get the best light for growing plants. If I’m lucky I get enough sun through my windows to classify the top of my bookshelf as a part-shade growing area. Before, this limited me greatly in what I could grow and made all of my plants lanky. Well no more!


I am now the proud owner of a Gardener’s Supply Company Compact Table Top Grow Light. My desire for a light really began to take form when I decided I wanted to grow a key lime tree from seed and started to do some research. In order to be productive, key lime trees need full sun, which I just didn’t have. When my key lime seed actually sprouted (I wasn’t sure it would), I started seriously looking for a light. It was a bit overwhelming as I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

So I did what I usually do when I have no idea what to do; I talked to my mom. My mom is a gardener among many other things. It was she who taught me how to take care of tomato plants, bought me my first houseplants, and let me have my own raised bed in the back yard as a kid where I could plant almost anything I wanted. She’s also incredibly creative and very good coming up with solutions to problems, which is why I go to her when I have them. I thought she would help me find a small desk lamp or something similar that I could turn into a grow light but instead I heard the magical words “Is that what you want for your birthday?” from the other end of the line. Yes. Yes, that is what I wanted.

My mom and I both got online while continuing to stay on the phone, something not possible not so long ago, and looked at different grow lights. We ended up at the Gardener’s Supply Company website. They had an impressive selection of grow lights and we settled on the Compact Tabletop version because of the limited space in my apartment. We ended up ordering the Jump Start kit because I didn’t have any seed starting trays or soilless mix either. I was so excited I was almost hyper, which is a rare state for me to be in.

After we ordered, the light got here ridiculously fast, which was good because I’m bad at waiting for things. It arrived in a huge (person sized) box that was mostly filled with paper. I got quickly to work unpacking and assembling the light, which was super easy. Once I got the timer hooked up and the tray for under the light unpacked I was ready to go. Under went the key lime seedling, a mint plant, and some small African violet plants that could use the extra light.

It really was a big box.
It really was a big box.

The other items in the Jump Start kit are almost as cool as the light itself, almost. There was PHC fertilizer for the seedlings (makes 6 gallons), 1 block of Eco-co Coir for starting the seedlings in (makes 10 quarts and is made from coconut husks so it’s environmentally friendly), wooden plant markers (24), and two Fast Start Seedstarter trays. The Seedstarter trays are über cool. In contrast to a lot of the trays on the market, these are clearly made to last a while. They consist of a dishwasher-safe water reservoir, a platform for the planting tray, a machine-washable capillary mat, biodegradable planting tray, and greenhouse cover. The only thing that needs to be replaced regularly is the planting tray; everything else is made to last. This makes me happy because it means less resources used and less waste produced by these seedstarters, and even then the waste that is produced is biodegradable. If all goes according to plan, I hope to be using these seedstarters for many years in the future.

Overall, I am really impressed with Gardener’s Supply Company and this kit. It arrived fast, and the light was easy to assemble and works well. The other stuff in the Jump Start kit is awesome too, and I really appreciate the environmentally friendly nature of the products. I would definitely use Gardener’s Supply Company as a source for garden supplies in the future.

Lastly, because no matter how much I say it, it won’t be nearly enough, Thanks Mom and Dad! Thank you for the awesome present (and everything else you’ve given me over the past 22 years).


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