The Seeds have Arrived

Lemon balm, Habanero, Alpine Strawberry, and Tiny Tomato
Lemon balm, Habanero, Alpine Strawberry, and Tiny Tomato

They came in the mail yesterday! I’m really excited. The White Soul alpine strawberries, Carribean Red habaneros, and lemon balm all came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and the tiny tomato seeds came from the wonderful BloominHappy1 on Etsy. She was super nice, answered all my questions about the seeds, and gave me permission to use her photo of the tomatoes for this post(since I don’t have my own yet). Thank you BloominHappy1! The tomatoes are supposed to look like this:

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: BloominHappy1

So tiny!

Now that all my seeds are here, I’m going to start them in the Fast Start seedstarter that came with my grow lamp within the next week. The plan is for them to be ready to plant in the community garden once the semester starts. I want to start Black Cherry tomato, Big Rainbow tomato, and marigold seeds in addition to the ones that just arrived, but I have yet to figure out just how many of each I wanted to start. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Did I tell you that I’m really excited!

Seeds 2

In other news from my apartment garden, the Key Lime tree has a third leaf and is almost ready to be repotted, one of the small African violets decided to take a dive off of the window sill (second time this has happened; no more putting plants on the sill, only the ledge) and got soil everywhere and the Sweet basil cuttings are sprouting roots like crazy.

Life is green and good.


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