Plants in my Apartment


I have plants. They’re in my apartment. If you’ve been reading my blog this will come as no surprise to you. Perhaps you have plants in your apartment (or house, dorm room, office, car) as well. Maybe you too get up in the wee hours of the afternoon and open your blinds so your plants can get light, checking them to see if they need water, naming them and talking to them as you stroke their leaves. Not that I ever do that. Well, okay, occasionally, but in my defense I get bored and at least I’m talking to living things instead of, say, the furniture. I can’t be the only one who does it.

Anyways, I love plants. I think they’re absolutely wonderful. If you don’t agree with me, perhaps I can convince you with the following list of things plants are and are not:

  • Plants are… good listeners. In fact, they love when you talk to them.
  • Plants are not… going to escape their pots and hide in the most obnoxious part of the room making it so you have to move everything to find them again.
  • Plants are not… going to judge you for going out at 3am or spending Friday night at home.
  • Plants are… going to let you control the remote.
  • Plants are not… going to ask you to wash the dishes.
  • Plants are not… going to make noise early in the morning or late at night, or get mad at you for doing so.
  • Plants are not… going to leave you little “presents” on the carpet.
  • Plants are… perfectly happy with whatever music you want to listen to.
  • Plants are not… going to wake you up at absurd hours of the morning to go outside.
  • Plants are… going to let you control the thermostat.
  • Plants are not… going to nag you to clean your room.
  • Plants are… relatively inexpensive.
  • Plants are not… going to attack your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Plants are… tasty, if you grow herbs, vegetables, or fruit.
  • Plants are not… going to hump your leg, or couch, or friends.
  • Plants are not… going to chew on your shoes, or furniture, or textbooks.
  • Plants are… going to respect your choices, as long as you water them.

In short, house plants are like pets (or roommates) but without the mess.

(Now, the previous statement was made jokingly. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pets. I grew up with dogs and would love to have one as a companion right now, but the circumstances do not allow for it. I am all for pets if you are able to take care of them (same goes for plants) and I do not really believe that house plants can replace pets, but I tell myself they can because I can’t have a pet right now.)

Because I’ve been suffering a bit of writers block (It only took 23 days!) I turned to my plants for inspiration. This resulted in the idea for a series of posts called “Plants in my Apartment” in which I profile all of the plants I have in my apartment. Interesting, I know, but it does give me something to write about, and maybe you will read it and say “Hey! That plant looks pretty cool, and it grows well in apartments. I’m going to try to grow it in mine.” Then you can share your “Plants in my Apartment” stories with me. I’d love to hear them!

So without further ado, I give you:

Plants in my Apartment

As I write the posts I’ll add them to the Plants in my Apartment page. This list will grow as I get more plants (ha ha, grow, get it?). I’m thinking of making it a weekly thing, but I have to actually write the other posts first. Oh writing…

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