Seed Saving Update

If you read my post about saving heirloom tomato seeds then you know that I have had a jar of fermenting tomato pulp and water on my counter this week. No more! Well kind of, I still have a jar from different tomatoes. The seeds were finally ready to be rinsed and dried last night. Here they are on a paper towel drying out.

Seeds drying on paper towel.
Almost dry!

They look so fuzzy. Once they’re dry I’m going to put them in a little envelope with the name and date and place them in my seed jar.

Some of the seeds started to sprout during the fermentation so I know that the seeds are viable. I also noticed that the odor of the “brew” changed over the course of the week. At first it smelled very yeasty, like bread, but as time progressed it started to smell more and more like rotten plant matter. Fortunately this smell doesn’t bother me (unlike the smell of rotten meat, disgusting!) and reminds me of the compost bin we have back home, which makes sense. For those of you worried about the smell, it seemed to be contained to the jar; I didn’t notice it unless I sniffed the jar, which I did occasionally because I’m curious and weird like that.

The other seeds that are currently fermenting are from a Red Zebra tomato and seem to be progressing a bit differently. There was no yeasty smell at first and it seems that a mat has formed on the surface of the brew. I’ve also noticed that the membranes around some of the seeds seem to have inflated, making little seed balloons that float on the surface of the water. I’ve never seen anything like this but I’m still relatively new to seed saving.

Fermenting Red Zebra tomato seeds.
Red Zebra tomato seeds.

Never a dull day in the (apartment) garden.


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